Mistakes to Avoid While Replacing Auger Teeth

Mistakes to Avoid While Replacing Auger Teeth

Auger teeth replacement is a common practice in the digging and drilling activities. It gets to point where the auger teeth become ineffective, and even a repair cannot help to restore its performance. At that moment, what you need is to make a replacement to ensure that your drilling machine is working efficiently. It is also important to note that the condition of the auger teeth has a direct impact the overall auger output and performance. Therefore, repairs and replacement are in order to ensure that your machine is working effectively.

However, there are some common mistakes that operators make while replacing their auger teeth. In the long run, these mistakes end up costing them a lot in terms of money, poor output a performance. If you are planning to replace your auger teeth, these are some of the major mistakes that you MUST avoid.

Making Late Replacement

There is always that tendency of making late replacements by some of the operators. Some would even wait to a point where they auger is finding very difficult to drill due to the extent of damage that has been done to the teeth.  It is important to note that whenever one auger tooth is in bad condition, there is a high possibility of putting more pressure on the remaining teeth. So by making a late replacement, it simply means that you are likely to have caused a lot of damage to the remaining teeth. Therefore, always make a replacement immediately you notice that the tooth/teeth are beyond repair.

Poor Replacement

Poor replacement is another mistake that prevalent with most people. The idea of having an auger teeth replacement is to ensure that you are getting the right teeth that would give value for the money and enhance the performance and output levels of the auger.  However, some operators end up making a replacement with poor quality teeth or second-hand replacements. It is highly recommended that you always make a replacement with highest quality teeth for value for money, extended lifespan, and constant performance.

Brand Consistency

It is recommended that you stick to the best brands on the market. But some of the operators end up getting caught up in the “cheap zone,” and they end up buying low-quality products from new and little companies. If you have a Pengo auger, it is highly recommended that you go for Pengo auger teeth or other compatible brands such as DIGGA or BOBCAT, which are known for quality products.