How to Fix Vermeer Stump Grinder’s Poor Performance

How to Fix Vermeer Stump Grinder’s Poor Performance

When it comes to fixing your Vermeer stump grinder’s low performance, there are few things that you need to consider. First, you must take into account the condition of the Vermeer stump grinder parts. That is usually the area where the performance of the machine is determined from. However, you need to know what parts of the grinder to fix to improve the performance of the machine.  Here are some of the key Vermeer stump grinder parts that can help you improve the performance of the machine.


Grinder teeth are crucial components of Vermeer stump grinder parts. These are the parts that do the actual cutting of the stumps and thus their conditions can significantly. If your machine has shown a gradual decrease in production, you need to check the condition of the teeth. In most cases, the grinder teeth become dull and blunt making it difficult to cut the stump effectively. Therefore, you need to check the condition of the teeth first. If they are blunt or dull, consider sharpening them to restore their effectiveness.  The other problem could be broken teeth. In such cases, it recommended that you make a replacement with quality Vermeer stump grinder parts.

Loose Cutter Parts

If the cutter tools including the teeth and cutter wheel are loose or loosely attached, then you’ll definitely have a problem with production and performance. Make sure that grinder teeth are firmly holding on the cutter wheel and that cutter wheel is also tightly and firmly fixed. In most cases, bolts and lock nuts holding the pockets and teeth usually wear outs and becomes thus making it dangerous even for the operator. With loose cutter teeth, it is not possible to get high a good performance and productivity from the teeth. Therefore make sure that you have tightened every part of the grinder to fix the problem.

Check the Motor

Poor performance can also come from the motor. Note that this is the part that generates all the power that is needed to drive the wheel to cut the stump. However, various factors can cause reduced performance of the Vermeer stump grinder. One, the motor could be faulty or worn out such that it does not produce the needed power for an effective cut. Two, the belt transferring power from the motor the while is worn out, and thus a lot of power is lost before reaching the cutter while. These are the main reasons that could lead to a low grinder performance. To fix such problems, you just need to replace the worn out. However, get quality Vermeer stump grinder parts to replace them.