Tips Maximize Small Asphalt Milling Machine Performance

Tips Maximize Small Asphalt Milling Machine Performance

Small asphalt milling machines are some of the widely used road milling machines in the industry. These machines are usually in the construction and maintenance of relatively small tasks such as pavement repairs. They are also used for leveling uneven slabs, damaged concrete floors, and removing rust on the concrete, removing paints amongst others. But you must ensure that your machine is operating at maximum to get the most out of it.

If you have invested in a small asphalt milling machine, there are various ways that you can ensure that it is hitting the peak performance at all times. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Here are tips that can help you maximize your machine performance:

Select the Surface

There are various types of small asphalt milling machines, and each of the machines are designed for various conditions. You must understand the kind of surface that the machine can work on and which ones they should not be used on. It is only when the machine is used on the conditions that they are designed that you will be able to get maximum performance from them.

Carry out Regular Repairs

Just like any other machine, small asphalt milling machines are prone to wear and tear. That is why it recommended that you make regular replacements when it is necessary. Some of the critical areas that you should check frequently are the milling teeth or bits. Make sure that the milling teeth and bits are repaired and replaced when necessary. When it comes to replacement, it is recommended that you go quality wear parts and that includes the teeth. That’s how you can achieve and maintain maximum performance.


One of the major areas that most people ignore if the quality of the operator. What most people don’t understand is that operator critical when it comes to getting the most of the milling machine. Experience is what matters when it comes to selecting the right operator. Don’t be deceived by the age of the operator but look at their track record. How long have they been operating similar machines? Check out these factors before handing over the key. If the operator is good, they will be able to deliver the highest possible performance.

Use Quality Fuel and Oil

Avoid buying uncertified fuel and oil. Avoid any fuel that you feel could be adulterated. Such fuel destroys the machine engine and greatly reduces the lifespan of the machine. Poor quality oil reduces the performance of the machine. Therefore, get the best fuel and oil for your machine to hit maximum performance.

4 Crucial Operating Parameters of A Road Milling Machine

4 Crucial Operating Parameters of A Road Milling Machine

If you are planning to invest in a road milling machine or you want to join the lucrative constructive, there are a few things that you need to look for in that machine. Various parameters can help you get the right machine depending on the tasks that you want to carry out. These are factors that determine the performance and the overall output of the machine. Here are 5 key parameters that you need to look out for:

Milling Width

Considering that you already know the kind of projects that you will be handling and more the size of the roads that you will be milling, it is important to get it right when it comes to the milling width. Make sure that the kind of machine that you are picking will offer the expected width. The most important part to consider the width of the drum. You need to check the maximum width of the machine since it will greatly determine the productivity of the machine.

Milling Depth

The milling depth of the road milling machine all about how deep the milling bits or teeth can go deep into the concrete or asphalt surface. This is another factor that you need to consider serious it will determine the performance of the machine and more so the output of the machine. Milling depth just like the milling width is measured in millimetres. Make sure that you have picked the machine based on the milling depth parameters that will work for you.

Number of Tools

The number of cutter tools fitted on the milling drum is also an essential factor to consider while shopping for a road milling machine. The number of tools depends on the size of the machine. However, there are ways that these tools could be reduced that would significantly affect the performance of the machine. If the milling teeth or the bits are too many, they could hamper the performance of the machine. Therefore you need to get the standard number of tools.

Milling Drum Diameter

Last but not the list is the milling drum diameter. The size of the drum affects a number of things included the number of teeth, the number revolutions, the speed at the drum rolls and the rate at which tools wear down. The diameter is measured in mm. Make sure that you have selected the right diameter of the drum to get maximum performance from your road milling machine.

Tips to Maximize weld on carbide teeth Performance

Tips to Maximize weld on carbide teeth Performance

Although weld on carbide teeth are said to be some of the most powerful in the market, they are also prone to wear and tears. The only difference is that they can withstand wear and abrasion longer than most of the teeth. However, they will at the end wear off, reduce their performance and productivity of the machine. But there various tips that you can follow to ensure that you are getting the most out of your machine. Here are tips that can help you maximize the performance and productivity of your weld on carbide teeth.

Get the Right Teeth

Today’s market has changed in a big way. The influx of fake and counterfeit tools is making it difficult to get the quality products. Sam goes to the weld on carbide teeth. One of the biggest mistakes that some operators make, especially the newbies are buying low-quality teeth. Note that the choice of teeth has a direct impact on the productivity of the machine. So for any weld on carbide teeth that you pick, ensure that it is made from the highest grade material.

Regular Repairs

The most immediate things that you should do if the condition of the weld on carbide teeth is wanting is making repairs. In some cases, it may not be anything that big bit just a small problem that can be fixed by a simple repair and bring the teeth back to their normal condition. Note that some of these repairs may not even need a technician, and you can do it yourself. After making repairs, the machine should show signs of improved cutting performance. Some of the repairs including slight sharpening of the carbide tip to enhance the sharpness of the teeth. Always remember that failure to carry out regular repair is what leads to machine breakdown with.

Make Replacement

In some cases, the condition could be too bad to be fixed by a mere repair. These are extreme cases where weld on carbide teeth could get broken or cracked carbide tip. In other cases, the teeth could be completely worn down that the only way is to have it replaced. In such cases, then you have no other choice other than to do a replacement. However, you must maintain the quality of teeth while doing a replacement. That is why it is recommended that you buy from an original manufacturer or a reputable aftermarket manufacturer.


Why Invest in Aftermarket Parts for Denis Cimaf Mulcher

Why Invest in Aftermarket Parts for Denis Cimaf Mulcher

Denis Cimaf mulchers are definitely some of the best machines when it comes to the issue of land clearing. They are extremely powerful and having been manufactured by a company of repute, then the quality of the machine is guaranteed. However, they are not immune to the wear down of wear parts while working. Just like the rest of the brands’ products, with time the Denis Cimaf wear parts’ condition will start deteriorating and thus the need to do replacement of various parts such as cutter teeth.

However the original parts that came with that machines wear down and need a replacement, you need to consider other options that provide similar quality and value for money as the OEM products. Aftermarket products are some of the best alternatives to the original Denis Cimaf teeth. These teeth come with numerous benefits to the user. Here are biggest benefits of running you Denis Cimaf mulcher on aftermarket parts:


One major benefit of aftermarket tool is their compatibility nature. Unlike the OEM manufacturers who can only supply for a specific product, aftermarket producers are extremely versatile in production. Their tools highly compatible with many stump grinder machines thus making it easy for contractors operating a range of brands on sites. Therefore, apart from supplying for you Denis Cimaf mulchers, they can also supply for other brands such as Diamond Z, Vermeer mulchers, Mobark and so on. That’s something you cannot get from Original manufacturer products.

Teeth Customization

If you have special mulching needs and you feel that the model of teeth in the market does not offer, then you customize the teeth.  Customizing Denis Cimaf teeth is one of the biggest benefits that you can enjoy by going with aftermarket products. Some of the teeth that comes with Denis Cimaf while buying may not handle conditions and intended. In such cases, it is difficult for the original manufacturer to help you out and the best thing that you can do is turning to the non-OEM manufacturers to help you out. Due to their understanding of the local market needs, they are able to offer customized products.


The cost of the aftermarket Denis Cimaf teeth and other parts are relatively low compared to other alternatives such as the original products from the manufacturer. They can even be 30% cheaper which will save you a great deal of money without compromising on the quality of the products. Therefore, you will be spending less on the same quality as OEM.

Useful Tips for Checking Auger Teeth Strength

Useful Tips for Checking Auger Teeth Strength

If your drilling machine is recording low or poor performance, then check the condition if the teeth since they are probably the problem. In some severe cases, auger teeth replacement would be the only solution to the problem. However, selecting the right teeth can be a problem especially if that is the first replacement after buying the machine. There are key features that you need to consider in your choice of auger teeth replacement.

Auger teeth strength is one of the key features that you should look for. That is a feature that enables your machine teeth to handle even the hardest conditions. With superior strength teeth, your machine performance is also significantly reduced. Such teeth also come with an extended lifespan. Unfortunately, it can be a little bit tough for newbies to superior strength in auger teeth. But there are simple tips that help you pick out these factors. Check out these tips:

Materials used For Teeth Construction

One of the best ways to determine the strength of auger teeth replacement is the quality of materials used. That’s why the quality of the material should always be at the top of the list while buying your replacement. The fact is the higher the quality of auger teeth, the better is the strength of the teeth. That also means that the cutting performance of the auger teeth is also incredibly high. For the superior

There are various types of materials used, but carbide and steel materials are highly recommended. The highest grade of carbide tip such as the double grained composition of Tungsten Carbide tip is the most recommended.  The body should be made from forged and carbon alloy steel. Such kind of materials offers incredible resistance to wear and abrasion thus they don’t wear down quickly.

Type of Joint

Another way to tell whether the choice of auger teeth replacement is in excellent condition is by check the joint. We have various types of joints but braze welding technology is the most recommended. It produces an extremely strong joints that can withstand high pressure and heat generated by the auger.


Lastly is the name of the manufacturer or the brand of the teeth. This is usually written in the item, and thus there is a chance of it being misleading to promote sales of a fake company or counterfeit products. Therefore, it is important to check the authenticity and originality of the product. Check the reputation of the manufacturer.


Top 4 Mistakes Road Milling Machine Operators Make

Top 4 Mistakes Road Milling Machine Operators Make

If you own a road milling machine, there are various things that you need to observe to ensure that it’s maintained in proper condition for long. However, these machines performance deteriorates with time which is expected. But some of wear down are not normal, and that could be as a result of poor machine operation. There are various mistakes that road milling equipment owners make that turns these machines inefficient. Here are some of the common mistakes you should avoid:

Not Knowing the Regulations

One of the key things that most people fail to understand is the regulations governing the use of road milling machines in their locality. Regulatory issues such as environmental laws and permits for the biomass storage are some of the critical things that are ignored. Noise restriction and the storage are also vital regulations that machine owners do not understand. It is therefore important to understand the regulations in your locality.

Poorly Trained Operators

This is one of the most prevalent mistakes that road milling machine owners make. In most cases, people do not want to pay well for experienced operators. So in a bid to cut the cost of operation, they employ poorly trained personnel as an operator. The result is usually misused leading to increased wear down of the milling machine. In the long run, the cost of maintenance and operation also increases significantly. It may be expensive, but it’s very crucial to have someone highly experience to operate the machine.

Poor Start-up Procedure

Every road milling machine is designed with specific start procedure that must be followed to ensure their safety and longevity. But with time, these procedures are ignored, and that leads to poor start-up procedure. The result is the high rate of wear and tear of the engine thus reducing the machine longevity significantly. That should be avoided.  In fact, operators should be asked to adhere to the start-up and short down procedure.

Poor Maintenance

As long as the road milling machine is working, most owners do not care to maintain. In most cases, they wait until the machine is almost breaking down for the maintenance to be done. The most affected parts of the milling machine are the teeth. Milling teeth condition affects the performance of the entire machine. That’s why maintenance of the machine, especially the cutter tools is critical. However, regular maintenance of the machine is the most recommended to ensure its safety and longevity.

Why Weld On Carbide Teeth Excel in Hard Conditions

Why Weld On Carbide Teeth Excel in Hard Conditions

Weld-on carbide teeth are some of the most potent teeth used widely in drilling and land clearing. One of the major reasons why these types of teeth are popular is due to their vast application in the harshest conditions and still deliver excellent results. Weld on carbide teeth are also extremely versatile in application, and that’s why they can be used a range of drilling and land clearing projects. But why do these teeth excel in hard conditions? Well, there are numerous reasons as to why. Check out the following:

Made from Highest Grade Material

The grade of the material used for the construction of weld on carbide teeth is one of the best that you can find in the market. If you take a look at all the manufacturers of these teeth, you will notice that they make use of some of the best material for both the tip and the body. The tip of these teeth is made from the highest grade of carbide material which is tungsten carbide, and that is the reason they are best known for their cutting performance. The tooth body is usually made from high grade steel and mostly forged steel or carbon alloy steel. These are powerful material that comes with numerous benefits over the alternatives.

The Joint

One of the major reasons why most of the teeth cannot excel in hard conditions is due to the type of joint securing the carbide or combining the carbide to the steel body. Most the teeth are soldered, and thus they cannot withstand high pressure and heat generated by the skid steer prime driver. They usually break when exposed to such conditions. However, weld on carbide teeth comes with an extremely powerful joint. The joint is made by melting steel body over the carbide insert. The fact that steel as a lower melting point compared to carbide makes it possible to make a powerful joint by inserting the carbide shank into the melting steel body.

Extremely Sharp

The cutting performance of the weld on carbide teeth is incredibly high and one of the best that you can find in the market. This is from the fact that these teeth are constructed from the highest grade of carbide material. Tungsten carbide offers incredible resistance to wear and abrasion and thus why these teeth sharpness can last for long. Therefore, you can expect constant performance from these teeth.

How to Fix Vermeer Stump Grinder’s Poor Performance

How to Fix Vermeer Stump Grinder’s Poor Performance

When it comes to fixing your Vermeer stump grinder’s low performance, there are few things that you need to consider. First, you must take into account the condition of the Vermeer stump grinder parts. That is usually the area where the performance of the machine is determined from. However, you need to know what parts of the grinder to fix to improve the performance of the machine.  Here are some of the key Vermeer stump grinder parts that can help you improve the performance of the machine.


Grinder teeth are crucial components of Vermeer stump grinder parts. These are the parts that do the actual cutting of the stumps and thus their conditions can significantly. If your machine has shown a gradual decrease in production, you need to check the condition of the teeth. In most cases, the grinder teeth become dull and blunt making it difficult to cut the stump effectively. Therefore, you need to check the condition of the teeth first. If they are blunt or dull, consider sharpening them to restore their effectiveness.  The other problem could be broken teeth. In such cases, it recommended that you make a replacement with quality Vermeer stump grinder parts.

Loose Cutter Parts

If the cutter tools including the teeth and cutter wheel are loose or loosely attached, then you’ll definitely have a problem with production and performance. Make sure that grinder teeth are firmly holding on the cutter wheel and that cutter wheel is also tightly and firmly fixed. In most cases, bolts and lock nuts holding the pockets and teeth usually wear outs and becomes thus making it dangerous even for the operator. With loose cutter teeth, it is not possible to get high a good performance and productivity from the teeth. Therefore make sure that you have tightened every part of the grinder to fix the problem.

Check the Motor

Poor performance can also come from the motor. Note that this is the part that generates all the power that is needed to drive the wheel to cut the stump. However, various factors can cause reduced performance of the Vermeer stump grinder. One, the motor could be faulty or worn out such that it does not produce the needed power for an effective cut. Two, the belt transferring power from the motor the while is worn out, and thus a lot of power is lost before reaching the cutter while. These are the main reasons that could lead to a low grinder performance. To fix such problems, you just need to replace the worn out. However, get quality Vermeer stump grinder parts to replace them.

Factors That Increase Kingkong Tools Wear

Factors That Increase Kingkong Tools Wear

Although KingKong tools are some of the best you can find in the market, they are not immune to wear and tear like the rest of the tools. However, they can withstand demanding conditions. However, proper use is highly recommended for you to get the best out of them. One thing that users should note is that all kingkong tools are not made the same. They are different depending on the conditions they are used in.

Most of the increased wear and tear comes as a result of poor usage of the tools. Some of these are just sheer ignorance on the part of the operators. But what could be major factors that cause increased wear of the KingKong tools? The fact is that they are many of them. In this article, we are going to look at some of the main causes of increased tool wear:

Hard and Abrasive Condition

If you are using KingKong mulcher or stone crusher teeth, then abrasive conditions are usually the main cause of increased wear of the cutter tools. Hard and abrasive surfaces cause the teeth tip to crack and weaken thus accelerating the rate wear of wear. But the rate of wear greatly depends on the type of teeth being used and where they are used. In most cases, people use wrong teeth for demanding condition, and that is usually the main cause of the high rate of wear. However, there are teeth design for such conditions. They could be a little bit expensive but they can withstand demanding conditions.

Rocky Condition

This is a problem that is common with mulcher tools. Most of the mulcher teeth are designed to with abrasive conditions and not rocky conditions. They are only supposed in grind tree limbs and vegetation, and thus anything harder than that will cause a high rate of wear. The best way to limit such wear is by avoiding such condition. Before you can start working  check the surface for stones before you can start with mulching?

Stick Condition

This is also another condition that could be causing the teeth to wear off very fast. Sticky teeth make it impossible for the teeth to rotate freely. That is what causes exposed teeth to wear off fast than others, and that could explain why your teeth. However, this is a problem that can be solved by cleaning the teeth regularly to remove sticky material.

These are some of the major factors that cause KingKong tools to wear very fast. However, you can avoid most of these causes by using the right teeth.

Benefits of Carbide Shank in Fecon Mulcher Teeth

Benefits of Carbide Shank in Fecon Mulcher Teeth

When it comes to land clearing, there is no doubt that Fecon mulchers are among the best machines that you can get in the market. Well, the company has made a name for itself due to their high performance and productivity of their mulching equipment. But just like the rest of the land clearing equipment, the quality of the cutter tools is critical to Fecon machine. The reason why Fecon mulcher offers unrivaled performance is due to the quality of their cutter teeth. Fecon mulcher teeth are designed with a carbide shank and that is what sets them apart.

But what are the benefits carbide shanks? Well, there are numerous benefits that come with carbide tipped mulcher teeth. That is Fecon mulching machines stand out from the rest. These are the main benefits:

High Performance in Demanding Conditions

One of the major setbacks of mulching machines is the failure to deliver in demanding conditions. You will find out that some typical brands of mulcher attachments can only deliver in relatively simple vegetation. Some can only do weeds and brushes to some extent. But for the carbide tipped teeth, such mulching machines are able to deliver in demanding conditions such as mulching tree limbs and rocky conditions. Therefore, any Fecon mulcher teeth for sale with a carbide shank can mulch anything from weed to the tree limbs.

Extreme Versatility

High versatility in mulching is another benefit that operators using carbide tipped Fecon mulcher teeth enjoy. These are the kind of teeth that you can use in almost all mulching conditions. In fact, they are mostly referred to as the multipurpose teeth. That is something that you can rate find in the market. So with carbide-tipped teeth, what you’ll not need to keep changing teeth on your mulching attachment every time you switch surfaces. You can easily move with the same type of teeth to the next grounds and still deliver excellent results with compromising the condition of the teeth.

Lasts for Long

Longevity is one of the ney features that people look for while investing in cutters tools. Note that all carbide tipped Fecon mulcher teeth for sale in the market comes with incredibly high longevity features. Carbide material used for the tip is resistant to wear and abrasion, and that is what makes them last for long. Therefore, you will have fewer repairs and replacements while using these teeth and that will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.