How Do You Tell the Best Mulcher Teeth

How Do You Tell the Best Mulcher Teeth?

Although the term “Best Mulcher Teeth” is widely used in the forestry industry, the actual meaning may vary. Due to the varying needs in this industry, the term could be defined differently depending on what the buyer is looking for. But we have standards that can help you get the right teeth for your machine. So if you are getting in the market for the first time, what should you look for in a mulcher tooth? Well, this is a critical question to answer. There are key features that you should get in a tooth, for you to know that you have invested in the best there is on the market. Check out the following.

Quality Guarantee

The quality of the teeth is the first thing that you must look out for. However, quality may be looked through different lenses, but material that has been used in the construction should be the best measure. In the market, we have various types of material, and all make teeth for various uses. Therefore, it will depend on what the user is looking for. If the forestry projects that you are carrying out include tough or demanding conditions, then carbide tipped teeth would qualify as the “best mulcher teeth.” However, if you are just clearing simple brushes and weed, then you steel teeth or a lower grade of carbide would be a perfect choice.


If you are working with a number of forestry mulcher s or mulching machines, then compatibility should be one of the key features to look out. Why is this? The reason is the chances of the machine breaking down or needing a replacement now and then are very high. Therefore, you need the kind of mulcher teeth that can be used for a number of machines. If you are operating FAE mulching equipment, the teeth should be compatible with another brand such as FECON or various series of FAE machines. That will help you to cut on the cost of repairs and replacement.


The forestry industry is extremely versatile in nature. The vegetation keeps changing now and then, and thus you need a set of teeth that would keep up such changes. Otherwise, you might get yourself in a situation of switching teeth every time you move to different vegetation. Therefore, you need a kind of teeth that can work on almost all types of vegetation without compromising the performance and productivity of your mulching equipment.

These are three things that can tell if you have invested in the “best mulching teeth” or not.

Benefits of the Fecon Bull Hog Mulcher

Benefits of the Fecon Bull Hog Mulcher

If you want to add versatility to your land clearing business, then you should consider adding Fecon bull hog mulcher to your equipment. Invest in bull hog mulcher and you will be impressed by the returns that you will get from the investment. The power and resilient that comes with these forestry machines is incredible. From the horsepower to the cutter teeth, these are the kind of machines that will definitely make your land clearing easier, faster and enjoyable. But what are the benefits of benefits of the Fecon bull hog mulcher? Well, there are many benefits users enjoys by using this special Fecon mulcher; Check out these benefits.

High performance

As a forestry machine, Fecon bull hog mulcher is an extremely powerful machine when it comes to performance. These machines are designed with incredible horsepower that makes it possible to clear even the toughest vegetation. Whether you are clearing tree limbs or limbs, these are a powerful machine that can help you make. The machines are fitted with high-quality wear parts such as Fecon mulcher teeth and other machines. Their teeth are fitted with carbide shanks that make it easy to clear even the toughest conditions.

Exceptional Life

Another of the Key things that you need to consider while investing in mulching equipment is the useful life. That is one way that value for money can be achieved. Fecon bull hog mulchers are extremely durable. With their heavy duty and severe duty models, these machines are designed with reduced wear properties.  These machines are also fitted with high-quality wear parts such as carbide tipped teeth that helps in reducing the rate of wear. Therefore, bull hog mulcher will serve you for long compared to most of the alternative mulching machines.

Increased Earning

If you are running a land clearing business, profitability of the investment must be among the top priorities. With Fecon bull hog mulchers, you earning per load will significantly improve due to the various factors. First, the machine’s production per hour is very high thus increasing your earning per hour. Due to their high performance, the cost per load is also significantly high compared to the available alternatives.

Reduced Maintenance cost

Fecon bull hog mulchers are made from high-quality materials. They are available in heavy duty and severe duty models making them resistant to wear. The wear parts include carbide tipped teeth which are resistant to wear and abrasion. Therefore, you will rarely repair or replace worn down parts from these Fecon machines. In the long, the overall cost of maintenance is significantly reduced.

What To Look For In Used Danuser Auger

What To Look For In Used Danuser Auger

Now that you Danuser auger needs replacement, what options do you have? Well depending on the quality of auger that you are looking for, there are numerous options at hand. You may opt to dig dipper into the pocket and buy a brand new Danuser auger or go for a second hand which is a little bit cheaper but of the same quality. There are many benefits when it comes to investing in a second-hand auger. However, you need to look at various things in that auger to ensure that you are getting the tight Danuser auger. So if you choose to go for a second hand Danuser auger, these are fundamental things that you need to look out for:

Extent of Use

It is crucial to note that the extent to which the auger has been used is critical towards getting value for money. Not every used auger qualifies to as a second tool for sale. It will be a waste of money if you end up buying an item that is almost ending its useful life. The auger should serve you for an extended period without excessive maintenance cost if you are to get value for money. Therefore, it is essential to check how the tool has been used and if there still any life left in it. If you can get a second Danuser auger attachment that is slightly used the better.  Otherwise, it will be difficult to get value for money.


Buying a second-hand Danuser auger can be a little bit tricky when it comes to compatibility with the prime mover. It is therefore vital to ensure that the attachment that you’re buying will be compatible with your prime movers. Otherwise, you might get yourself incurring losses in terms of return charges after purchasing the wrong auger. Therefore, do some research on the compatibility of your prime mover before going into the market. If you can’t do it by yourself, you ask for professional help to ensure that you are getting the right auger.

Productivity and Versatility

Productivity and versatility are two key things you should always look out for when buying industrial too attachment. Whichever type of the auger you are looking for, you must ensure that you versatility and high productivity is achieved. If you are digging poles, can it handle different types of soils including tough one? The Danuser auger of your choice must also provide the highest productivity possible. That is the only way to get value for money.

Key Features Weld on Carbide Teeth

Key Features Weld on Carbide Teeth

If you have a drilling project that is proving stubborn, you should drop the common drilling bit for weld on carbide teeth. These types of teeth/bits are extremely powerful and that is the reason they widely used in drilling works. One thing that makes them exceptional is the fact that the tip and the body are not welded using the braze technology like other teeth. That is why they are extremely rigid and the reason why they perform well in tough conditions. In most cases, weld on carbide teeth are used on drilling buckets and core barrels. What are the key features of weld on carbide teeth? Check out these features:

High Rigid and Strong

One of the key features of the weld on carbide teeth is rigidity. These are some of the most rigid teeth that you can ever come across. The nature of the joint is one of the key reasons why these teeth are popular. The fact that they do not use braze welding technology makes them extremely powerful. That is what makes them the best drilling teeth option in conditions where the rest of the teeth can’t. They are also big and bulky in size, a thing that gives the much need strength for such conditions.  It is this rigidity that gives them an advantage over the available alternatives when it comes to foundation drilling.

Power on Rocky Conditions

One of the toughest forms of drilling works is the foundation drilling. Unlike other forms of drilling, foundation drilling goes beyond the normal levels to hit the most rock soils. In such rocky conditions, it is important to have powerful tools that can deliver high productivity without compromising on the condition of the teeth. Not many types of drilling bits can offer incredible drilling as weld on carbide teeth. Since they are made from carbide material and cast steel, these teeth can withstand the toughest conditions and heat to deliver great results. So if you are drilling rocky surface, then these are the kind of teeth you should invest in.

Extended Lifespan

One of the key things you must take into account while investing in drilling bits is the value for money. But the most effective ways of getting value for money is an extended lifespan. With weld on carbide teeth, that is exactly what you get. They are constructed from highest grade materials- tungsten carbide and cast steel. They come with properties such as abrasion resistance and resistance to wear which makes them highly durable. By investing in these teeth, you will enjoy a long useful life thus giving value for money.


Secrets to Enhance your Tub Grinder Performance

Secrets to Enhance your Tub Grinder Performance

If your tub grinder is showing signs of reduction in performance, then there are a few ways that you can improve that. What some operators fail to understand is that most of the reasons causing low productivity are just simple negligence that results in poor performance of the entire machine. They also fail to understand that most of these faults can be addressed by just doing simple repairs and maintenance to restore the machines peak performance and productivity. So what the secrets that will see your tub grinder performance improve instantly? Here are the major tips on how to achieve that:

Improve the Condition of the Cutting Parts

The main tub grinder wear parts that can significantly affect the performance of the grinder includes the cutting parts. These are mainly the tub grinder teeth and hammers. If the condition of these two is wanting, then you will find it difficult to the peak performance with your machine. The secret to improving the condition of the two machines is by keeping them sharp always. By the mere fact that they are the major cutting teeth means that you need to keep them sharp always. Keep the carbide tip in the best condition possible and the performance of your machine will be improved significantly. If you have expertise on how to sharpen them, hire a professional to help you do that.

Make Maintenance a Routine

Another key thing that you must always have is a routine maintenance of the tub grinder wear parts and the overall machine. It is important to note that if one of the wear parts is excessively worn out, then it will significantly affect the performance of all other parts that directly and indirectly rely on it. For instance, if the hammer is in a bad condition, then it will affect the output of the tub grinder teeth. That is how the overall performance and the productivity of the tub grinder are affected. Therefore, make sure that you have made maintenance as part of the tub grinder operation. Have the machine checked regularly for wear.

Have a Good Operator

One of the mistakes that most people making is failing to consider the need to have a good operator for the machine. The quality of the operator is crucial for the overall productivity of any machine and that includes tub grinder. Make sure that the machine is being operated by a highly trained operator. Experience matters a lot in this.

Why FAE Forestry Mulcher Operating Speed Matters

Why FAE Forestry Mulcher Operating Speed Matters

When it comes to the industrial machines, especially the heavy equipment, the speed of operation is one of the critical factors take into account. How the machine is operated and more the speed at which is operated should be one of the main concerns. If you are operating an FAE forestry mulcher, there is a different thing that you need to know about the speed of operation. In this article, we are going to look at some of the main reasons why you need to observe the operating speed of your FAE forestry mulcher:

  1. Productivity

The level of productivity is one of the main reasons why forestry mulcher‘s speed is an important factor to consider while mulching. Remember that mulching machine output is depended on the area of the vegetation that it has cleared. That means if the machine is working at a low pace, then the actual size of land that will have covered will be less. That will simply mean that the overall the productivity of the machine will be less than expected. Therefore, you must ensure that you operating the machine at a speed that will deliver great result with a compromise to the wellbeing of the machine.

  1. Maximum Utilization

High speed means that the machine is operating at the best efficiency and that will impact positively on the overall output of the machine. However, high speed ensures that you are maximizing the performance of the machine to the maximum. Note that while the FAE forestry mulcher is operating the highest possible speed, the utilization of the fuel is at its peak. The machine will be able to handle a large task while using the same amount of fuel as compared to slowly operate mulching equipment. Therefore, you must ensure that you are getting the best out of your machine by maximizing the speed.

  1. profit Maximization

One thing that most operators do not realize is that the level of profits is to some extent determined by the speed at which the machine is operated at. As discussed above, maximum possible speed ensures that the utilization of the fuel is also maximized. That will ensure most of the operating costs are reduced and the impact will be on the profit sheet. With the level of output maximized, the end result will be increased profits on the side of the investor.  Therefore, keeping your FAE forestry mulcher operating the highest is the best way to boost you profits. But safe speed and the ROI will be improved significantly.

Key Properties to look For in Green Teeth Stump Grinder Teeth

Key Properties to look For in Green Teeth Stump Grinder Teeth

When it comes to replacing your Green teeth stump grinder teeth there are various facts that you need to consider to ensure that you have gotten the right teeth. So, if your Green teeth stump grinder teeth is worn out and needs to be replaced, what the key properties that you should look for to ensure that you are getting a set of teeth that will help you get the best out of your machine? Well, for some of the operators, that is a question that they don’t really ask themselves. But most end up regretting just a few weeks or months down the line. Here are some of the key properties:


When it comes to replacing stump grinder teeth, the term versatility should always be at the back of your teeth. The kind of teeth that you want to replace with must have extreme versatility properties. First, it must have the capability to work on various types of wood. The teeth should be able to work on all types of wood including hard and soft woods. That will give your Green teeth stump grinder the ability to work on all stumps. You will not need to buy a couple of machines for the same task. So go for the teeth that will enable you to remove all type stumps efficiently.


It is important to ensure that you are buying authentic Green teeth stump grinder teeth. With so many fake industrial machine tools/parts getting into the market, authenticity is something that you cannot assume. Not every tooth that is labeled Green teeth is actually the real brand. Some could be counterfeit. So make sure that you have confirmed the authenticity of the teeth by researching wide. You must consider the details of the dealer you are buying from. If you cannot certify that, please buy from authorized dealers or the OEM products only.


The Green teeth stump grinder teeth that you pick must guarantee an extended useful. Fortunately, if you go for the OEM teeth, longevity is a property that you will get since the manufacturer ensures that they have used the top quality material for construction. However, if you are going for the non-OEM teeth, you must ensure that they have this property in the teeth.  You need to ensure that they have used highest grade material. That is the only way that you can get it right.

Basic Tips for Selecting Trencher Teeth

Basic Tips for Selecting Trencher Teeth

There is no doubt that trenching machine are some of the most advanced industrial machines in the industry. However, just like the rest of the machines, the quality of the wear parts is an important factor to consider. The condition of the teeth is an important factor to consider and must always be at its best for constant output. Although other things such as the horsepower and the job site specs are critical to getting the best out of your machine, ultimately, the quality of the teeth is critical.  So what should you look for in trencher teeth?

Tooth Options

When it comes to selecting trencher teeth, there are two main options that you can pick from. These two includes the rock and cut and scoop types of teeth. These are the major categories that you need to pick from, but it is greatly determined by the conditions that you will be working in. However, you need to research widely to ensure that whatever type of the teeth that you choose, you have picked the right. The reason is trencher teeth are extremely expensive, and it could be a huge loss if you find yourself with the wrong teeth.

Rock Teeth

Are you working in tough conditions? Is it rocky conditions that will need exceptional type teeth? Well, rock teeth are the best type of trencher’s teeth for such conditions. In some cases, you will find job sites that are rocky, and it becomes difficult for the conventional teeth to work in such conditions. Rock teeth are some of the best is the best solution when it comes to dealing such condition. They are designed with the highest quality of material that makes them highly capable of handling such conditions.

Cup Cutters

This is another option of teeth that you need to look out for. These types of teeth are best suited for clearing trenches while digging. These teeth are designed to make it possible for the machine to remove the soil that has already been dug. So if you are working in loose soils such as sand and loam, then these are the best choices of teeth that you need to have.

However, a combination of the two-rock teeth/ two cup teeth- will give the user, the much-needed versatility in trench worker. That combination will make it possible work on different conditions without the need to make changes.


Tips on How to Get the Best Out Of Your Pengo Auger Teeth

Tips on How to Get the Best Out Of Your Pengo Auger Teeth

For any auger operator, their wish is to get the best out of their machine. However, that does not come easy but with a lot of care and responsibility. One of the most important things that you need to take care of is the cutting system. For the Pengo auger and other drilling machines, the quality of the teeth is an important factor that you need to consider.  But how can you ensure that you are getting the best out of your pengo auger teeth? Here are tips that you follow:

Go With the Correct Flow

Correct flow is all about the compatibility with the power source. The type of the prime driver that you are using to drive the Pengo auger must provide the needed power for the auger efficiently work. One of the mistakes that most people make is failing to observe the kind power that is needed for particular kind of job and also the specification the auger head. Note that the power source or the prime mover is always designed to support a certain amount of weight. So always compare the tonnage of the auger head with the skid steer or mini excavator that you are using.

Smooth Operation

One of the problems that most operators finds themselves in is dealing with misconceptions and myths about drilling. How many still believe that for you to handle a larger diameter hole you need to start by digging an initial hole with a smaller pilot auger? Well, this is just a misconception that may end up damaging you auger teeth. If you follow this misconception, you will find it very difficult to produce sufficient directional stability during the reaming process. In addition, you could damage or even injure the teeth in the process. Therefore, you need to operate smoothly to get the best out of your pengo auger teeth.

Teeth Advice

It is always recommended that even before you start the digging work, you need to check the condition of the ground. That is an important practice especially if you going to work on new grounds. Not that each pengo auger teeth is designed to work in a certain condition and failure to observe that could lead to a very high rate of wear and tear. Therefore, you need to check the kind of ground that will make it easier for the teeth and thus allow you to get the best out of your Pengo auger teeth.

Mistakes to Avoid While Replacing Auger Teeth

Mistakes to Avoid While Replacing Auger Teeth

Auger teeth replacement is a common practice in the digging and drilling activities. It gets to point where the auger teeth become ineffective, and even a repair cannot help to restore its performance. At that moment, what you need is to make a replacement to ensure that your drilling machine is working efficiently. It is also important to note that the condition of the auger teeth has a direct impact the overall auger output and performance. Therefore, repairs and replacement are in order to ensure that your machine is working effectively.

However, there are some common mistakes that operators make while replacing their auger teeth. In the long run, these mistakes end up costing them a lot in terms of money, poor output a performance. If you are planning to replace your auger teeth, these are some of the major mistakes that you MUST avoid.

Making Late Replacement

There is always that tendency of making late replacements by some of the operators. Some would even wait to a point where they auger is finding very difficult to drill due to the extent of damage that has been done to the teeth.  It is important to note that whenever one auger tooth is in bad condition, there is a high possibility of putting more pressure on the remaining teeth. So by making a late replacement, it simply means that you are likely to have caused a lot of damage to the remaining teeth. Therefore, always make a replacement immediately you notice that the tooth/teeth are beyond repair.

Poor Replacement

Poor replacement is another mistake that prevalent with most people. The idea of having an auger teeth replacement is to ensure that you are getting the right teeth that would give value for the money and enhance the performance and output levels of the auger.  However, some operators end up making a replacement with poor quality teeth or second-hand replacements. It is highly recommended that you always make a replacement with highest quality teeth for value for money, extended lifespan, and constant performance.

Brand Consistency

It is recommended that you stick to the best brands on the market. But some of the operators end up getting caught up in the “cheap zone,” and they end up buying low-quality products from new and little companies. If you have a Pengo auger, it is highly recommended that you go for Pengo auger teeth or other compatible brands such as DIGGA or BOBCAT, which are known for quality products.