Used Seppi Mulchers: Why the Wear Parts Condition Matters

Used Seppi Mulchers: Why the Wear Parts Condition Matters

Sometimes, you may find it more viable to buy a used mulcher than a brand new one. It could be due to financial constraints or if you need a machine for just minor clearing work. Whatever the reason, used mulchers are highly recommended as long the mulching machine is in good condition. Some of the brands such as Seppi are extremely durable and thus a used one may not have such notable differences with a new one. But you need to check the quality of the wear parts.

No matter how appealing physical a used mulching machine may look, you need to check the wear parts. These are the parts main prone to a high rate of wear and tear parts. So why does the condition of mulcher parts matter?  Well, this is why:

For the Machine Performance

Buy a mulching machine with poor wear parts such as mulcher teeth and your machine will away record very poor performance. Inferior quality parts do not deliver at maximum and that’s what will be reflected in the output. For instance, if the mulcher teeth are blunt, then the machine will have a lot of difficulties mulching the vegetation. It will be difficult for a machine under such condition to deliver peak performance. So performance is one reason why the condition of the wear parts matters.

Increased Machine Lifespan

Another reason why you need to have the quality of the wear parts checked is the lifespan of the machine. There is a direct correlation between the quality of the cutting tools, and more so the teeth, and the lifespan of the machine. Poor cutting tools make the machine worker harder as to provide more power to the teeth. That simply means that the machine is operating at a lower efficiency. The result is a high rate of wear and tear. So make sure that cutting parts are in good and cut clean so as to improve the lifespan of the machine.

Fuel Consumption

The cost of fuel is one of the major running cost of operating a mulching equipment. But you can reduce it significantly if you have the quality wear parts. The most important parts are the teeth. If the mulcher teeth are not are not cutting efficiently or they are blunt, the engine will have to work harder so as to compensate for that power. That means the engine will be using power to deliver extra power and the high cost of operation.  So make sure that teeth are sharp for a clean cut so as to cut on the fuel cost.