Why Invest in Aftermarket Parts for Denis Cimaf Mulcher

Why Invest in Aftermarket Parts for Denis Cimaf Mulcher

Denis Cimaf mulchers are definitely some of the best machines when it comes to the issue of land clearing. They are extremely powerful and having been manufactured by a company of repute, then the quality of the machine is guaranteed. However, they are not immune to the wear down of wear parts while working. Just like the rest of the brands’ products, with time the Denis Cimaf wear parts’ condition will start deteriorating and thus the need to do replacement of various parts such as cutter teeth.

However the original parts that came with that machines wear down and need a replacement, you need to consider other options that provide similar quality and value for money as the OEM products. Aftermarket products are some of the best alternatives to the original Denis Cimaf teeth. These teeth come with numerous benefits to the user. Here are biggest benefits of running you Denis Cimaf mulcher on aftermarket parts:


One major benefit of aftermarket tool is their compatibility nature. Unlike the OEM manufacturers who can only supply for a specific product, aftermarket producers are extremely versatile in production. Their tools highly compatible with many stump grinder machines thus making it easy for contractors operating a range of brands on sites. Therefore, apart from supplying for you Denis Cimaf mulchers, they can also supply for other brands such as Diamond Z, Vermeer mulchers, Mobark and so on. That’s something you cannot get from Original manufacturer products.

Teeth Customization

If you have special mulching needs and you feel that the model of teeth in the market does not offer, then you customize the teeth.  Customizing Denis Cimaf teeth is one of the biggest benefits that you can enjoy by going with aftermarket products. Some of the teeth that comes with Denis Cimaf while buying may not handle conditions and intended. In such cases, it is difficult for the original manufacturer to help you out and the best thing that you can do is turning to the non-OEM manufacturers to help you out. Due to their understanding of the local market needs, they are able to offer customized products.


The cost of the aftermarket Denis Cimaf teeth and other parts are relatively low compared to other alternatives such as the original products from the manufacturer. They can even be 30% cheaper which will save you a great deal of money without compromising on the quality of the products. Therefore, you will be spending less on the same quality as OEM.