Common Defects with Refurbished Fecon Mulcher Teeth

Common Defects with Refurbished Fecon Mulcher Teeth

There refurbished industrial tools market has been gaining prominence in the market due to a number of benefits that these tools come. First, these tools are to be extremely cheaper compared to the available options in the market. However, you may not after enjoy most of the benefits that come with original or aftermarket types of Fecon mulcher teeth. That is because there are a number of defects that common to these teeth that buyers should be aware of before committing their money to these tools. Here some of the major defects that you should check out for:

Poor Carbide Insert

One of the biggest defects that people come across with refurbished Fecon mulcher teeth for sale is the poor quality carbide inserted. The fact that they are refurbished some of the factories that do the work may not replace the carbide with quality ones, but they end up using the poor quality carbide that simply means that you will find it difficult to carry the intended task, especially mulching in hand conditions. Therefore, before investing in these types of teeth, it is important to ensure that you have checked for the carbide insert quality.

Weak Collar

The second problem that most people have complained about the refurbished Fecon mulcher teeth is the weak collars. The collar is one of the critical parts of the teeth since it keeps the carbide insert in place. It is a steel that also works as the housing for the carbide insert. In most case, the collar of affected by wear and abrasion and most of the washing off. In such cases, it comes weak and loses the strength that is needed to keep the tip steady while mulching. The result could be the breakage of the teeth amongst other deformities. Therefore, you will need to check if the collar has been improved and if it up to the standard.

Worn Down Retainer/s

Retainers are critical parts of the teeth since they provide holding in the block or the tooth holder. If you are making a replacement to your Fecon mulcher teeth, these are some of the parts that you need to look at carefully. In some cases, the refurbished Fecon mulcher teeth for sale may be supplied with poor quality or worn down retainers that make it weak. Such teeth cannot hold well in the block and could have problems with efficient rotation while working.

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