Hacks to Keep Quadco Teeth in Good Condition for Long

Hacks to Keep Quadco Teeth in Good Condition for Long

When one buys auger teeth for their Quadco machine, they hope that the tools can last for long. However, this is not usually the case all the time. In some cases, Quadco teeth wear down quickly that the user does not get value for money. But what can you do to ensure that you will enjoy your tools for long? Well, there are ways that you can achieve this without much effort. In this piece, I’m providing you with tips that can help you prolong the performance of your tools.

Proper Maintenance

This is one of the most important things that you must consider seriously. Unfortunately, most of the users do not maintain their teeth properly and regularly. As long as the machine is working, then you need to have checked for faults and other problems. Regular maintenance helps in identifying a small fault and rectify it before it becomes uncontrollable. Therefore, make sure that you have maintained Quadco teeth continuously. A routine check after work is an excellent way to keep the teeth in the right state.

Avoid thermal Overload

This is one of the major causes of wear and tear in Quadco teeth. It is also a common problem with new operators. The problem occurs as a result of hitting of hard surfaces such as rocky soils repeatedly. As a result, Quadco teeth get exposed to a very high temperature that could break them. To avoid this, make sure that teeth are appropriately used. Make sure that the cooling system is working too.

Avoid Rocky Surfaces

Whether the Quadco teeth are for mulching or drilling, avoid rocky surface. Rocky surfaces are likely to affect teeth by either cracking them or breaking the carbide. That will make it for your machine to work effectively and you could be required to make a replacement. In addition, inspected the surface for stone, bottle and metal pieces. That way, you will be able to avoid abrasive surfaces.

Quality replacement

When you notice faulty tooth, have it replaced without delay. That is because is one tooth is faulty; it will strain on other teeth hence increasing the overall rate of wear. Therefore, make an instant replacement when such cases come up. When you buy teeth replacements, avoid buying low priced or inferior quality products as most buyers do to save themselves some money. Going for low priced Quadco teeth is also common with first-time buyers fall for.

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