Advantages of Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing Of Cutter Tools

Advantages of Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing Of Cutter Tools

Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing is one of the machine tools production techniques that has gained popularity in the industry. The reason being the numerous benefits that it offer to both the manufacturer and the buyers. It is a technique where machine cutter tools are hardened by applying a coating of tungsten carbide material. There are many advantages that machine user get from tools made from this technique. That is what we are going to look out for in this post. Here are just a few of these benefits:

Hardness and Strength

For your cutter tools deliver in demanding conditions, hardness and strength are some of the properties that you need to consider. That is because the nature work, be it grinding it drilling, a lot of force is needed. That is why cutters must be made from materials that can withstand such conditions. Tungsten carbide is one of the best metals that have been found to withstand excessive forces that cause impact damages. Therefore, with tungsten Carbide Hardfacing, your cutter tools will have better hardness and strength properties.

High Performance

Any investor aims to have the machine provide the highest possible ROI. But that can only happen of the quality of the cutter tools is maintained. The quality of tools is gotten from the quality of technology and material used. Tungsten carbide hardening is one best technique that helps to improve cutter tools’ performance. The technique helps to create powerful cutting edges that can maintain sharpness for a very long time. That is how tungsten carbide hardfacing help to promote high performance. That is another advantage that has seen many users go for tungsten carbide hardfaced cutter tools.

Wear and Abrasion Resistance

Whether you are mulching, mowing, trenching, or foundation drilling, wear, and abrasion are major causes of cutter tools’ damages. They make teeth less effective by blunting the tip. But with tungsten carbide hardfacing of the cutter tools, this problem is fixed once and for all. The tungsten carbide material offers incredibly high resistance to wear and abrasion. Therefore, your cutter tools will be less affected by abrasion and wear during operations.

Longer Useful Life

The other advantage of buying tungsten carbide hard faced cutter tools is a longer useful life. With high hardness and strength plus wear and abrasion resistance, these are definitely the kind of teeth that will last for long. They are not prone to breaking, blunting hence the longer lifespan.


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